Jack & Jill (Leveled)

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On Sunday 3/22 at 9pm (after the normal dance) at the Denver Turnverein, we're doing 2 spotlight Jack and Jills to practice for 5280.  If you didn't know, all the finals at 5280 are in spotlight format.

This comp is going straight to finals (no prelims).  Signups are first come first serve.

Here are the two competitions:

  • Nov/Intermediate J&J & Adv/All-Star J&J

Which J&J do you sign up for?  It's based on your current WSDC level.

Ex: If you're Novice or Intermediate based on points, sign up for Nov/Intermediate.  If you've never competed before, sign up for Nov/Int.

The pairings are random.  Ex: If you're in Nov/Int, you could be paired as Nov/Nov, Nov/Int, or Int/Int.

Cost is $6 and it's first come first serve.  

Slots being made available:


  • 5 Leads & 5 Follows = 10 spots total


  • 5 Leads & 5 Follows = 10 spots total

Comp DJ: LaWanna Larson (we'll let you know the music type at the start of the JnJ just like in a real comp).

Judges:  Advanced & All-Star will Judge Nov/Int.  They will self judge for the Adv/All JnJ.

Score keeper: MaryKelley