(Repeat Visitors ONLY) Ticket to 5G WCS **Must Be Vaccinated**


This registration page is for people who have previously attended the 5G dance before and who have already been verified by Jonathan as having been 100% vaccinated.  You do NOT have to upload a picture of your vaccine card as you’ve already been verified.
If this is your first time attending this dance, please register under this link instead (note: you can also register at the door):
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Who’s teaching/DJing?

We’re now listing the instructors and DJ on this page here.

7 pm: Intermediate Workshop
8pm-1230am dance
Cost:  $5 for the lesson and $10 for the dance.  Cash at the door or pay online.
Location: Colorado Dancesport

5120 S Lowell Blvd, Littleton, CO 80123

Original description:

This is a 100% Fully Vaccinated dance (details below).  Note:  Masks are optional (but highly recommended).  Colorado Dancesport has a mask mandate waiver from Tri County Health for the Arapahoe county.  This is because 95% of their customers and staff are vaccinated.  The 5G WCS dance is 100% vaccinated.
Here’s the full details:
Are you fully vaccinated (including past your 2 week waiting period)?  Are you comfortable showing us your vaccine card to prove your fully vaccinated?
Then this is the WCS dance for you. If not, click here to learn more about alternative places you can dance.
Are you requiring masks?

We are following CDC, Colorado state, and Arapahoe County health guidelines. Because everyone in the building will be 100% fully vaccinated, masks are not required. However, if you feel more comfortable dancing in a mask you’re more than welcome to do so.

Note: The Covid positivity rate is 6.76% (as of 10/5/21) and the state’s goal is to keep it below 5%.  While I’m not requiring masks at this time, it’s highly recommended that you wear one.  I will have masks available at the door (first come first serve).

How can I prove that I’m vaccinated?
Note:  Once you show me proof you’re vaccinated, you’re cleared for all future 5G dances as well (subject to change).
Take a picture on your phone (w/good lighting please) clearly showing the details of your Covid Vaccination Card and upload it to your order.

If you’re having challenges uploading your photo above, please pm me (Jonathan Prichard) on Facebook or send me an email through the contact form on the website (click on the menu button above).

If you’re registering in person, you can show us your vaccine card or an image of it at the event.

I’m not vaccinated but I have antibodies against Covid. Can I still attend?
Unfortunately, no. But it’s possible that might change in the future. Everyone must be 100% vaccinated and past their 2 week waiting period to attend. This is because the amount of antibodies built up after battling Covid and how long they stay in your body differ from person to person.
Can I attend this Vaccine Only dance if I’ve been attending other dances which are NOT vaccine only?

Yes you can. As long as you’re fully vaccinated and beyond your two weeks, that’s acceptable. However, that’s always subject to change.

What happens to people who are caught lying (ie faking a vaccine card) about being vaccinated?
It’s not worth it and I’ll likely find out. You’ll be banned from attending all future events, dances, and workshop weekends organized by Jonathan till the end of time. And you know Jonathan organizes some kick ass events. So don’t risk it.
What precautions are you taking around Covid?
  • You must prove that you are 100% vaccinated and beyond your two-week waiting period.
  • You must wash your hands after you sign in at the front desk before dancing.
  • We kindly ask that you don’t attend if you’re feeling sick. Including, but not limited to: cough, sore throat, fever, runny nose, etc. We may be checking your temperature at the door.

Not vaccinated or not comfortable showing your vaccination card?

There are other dance options available right now:
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