The Late Night Spot Light


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For those who love performing in front of an audience…you don’t get a chance to practice dancing in spotlight very often.

What if you had a chance to do that for free in a low pressure environment?

This saturday (10/7 ) at Colorado Dancesport in Littleton, at 730pm (before the free late night dance), I’m going to offer a mock spotlight practice for 10 couples (jack and jills are a pain to organize).

It will not be judged and there will be no feedback given (otherwise I’d have to charge for the instructor’s time).  This is open to all levels and you don’t have to be a competitor to participate.

You’ll have around 90 seconds to perform and we’ll pick your song.  You can have someone record your dance if you’d like.

Sign up is first come first serve. And it’s free! Just sign up on this page!

Note: There are a few dances in California that do this monthly and all the strictly spots get snapped up pretty quick. No one is doing it in Colorado yet and I thought I could start it.

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