The Underground WCS Contemporary Room @ The Turnverein

Update:  This event is on hiatus during Covid.  Hopefully, we'll resume it in the future!

If you're like most people, you love to have choices.

Like....when you go out to eat.

Sometimes you feel like Italian.

....and maybe next week you want a steakhouse.

You might feel the same way when it comes to WCS music.

Sometimes you love dancing to Blues, Motown, and Classic WCS music that allows you to play with footwork and syncopations.

Other times, maybe you want to dance to contemporary music which allows you to explore different shapes and rhythms.

Well what if for the first 90 minutes of the Sunday dance, you had the option to do either?

On Sunday Feb 9th (this weekend), that's Jordan and Tatiana workshop weekend, we're going to test something out at the Turnverein.

The Underground WCS Contemporary Room

From 630-8pm (the first 90 min)....that's after the RMSDC workshops have ended, music will be played in two ballrooms.

Upstairs in the main ballroom. And downstairs in the basement.

THE BASEMENT (aka "The Underground")

Do you feel like dancing to ONLY contemporary music?

Then head on down to the BASEMENT of the Turn where LaWanna will be playing the music you dance to at the Mercury Cafe & Jonathan's Late Night.

After those 90 minutes are up, head upstairs to the main ballroom for the rest of the dance.  

Note:  The upstairs ballroom transitions over to contemporary music around 8.  So if you prefer contemporary music, you'll have the option to dance to that style from 630-8pm downstairs and from 8-930pm upstairs.


Do you like dancing to the music selection that is normally played in the first 90 minutes (mix of blues, Motown, classic WCS music, and some contemporary)?

.... than dance in the MAIN BALLROOM upstairs where Don Larson will be DJing.

Note: The music format being played upstairs, will be the same as usual from 630pm all the way up until the dance ends at 930pm. Nothing will be changed.  


Do I have to pick one room and stay there?

Heck no! You're free to bounce back and forth between the upstairs and downstairs as much or as little as you want.

Does my age or skill level matter?

Nope! They're both irrelevant. If you like contemporary music, dance downstairs for the first 90. If you prefer the music that's normally played upstairs, dance in the main ballroom!

What happens AFTER those 90 minutes?

Both groups of dancers (upstairs/downstairs) will combine into the main ballroom for the remainder of the dance.

Jonathan, why are you testing this out?

Excellent questions!

3 reasons:

1. To give you a choice of music: One of the biggest trends at national WCS events is have several ballrooms playing different genres of music at the same time.

For example, at SwingTime in 2018 we had a fusion room that was really popular.  Rose City Swing (gets around 900 dancers) in Portland will be having a Lindy and Blues Room. 

2. To get the dancers who normally only come out for Jonathan's Late Night or who only dance at the Mercury Cafe to come out to the Turnverein earlier and more frequently.

3. The typical student taking the beginner WCS class at the Turnverein is in the 20-40s demographic. We're hypothesizing that giving them the option to dance to the music they normally listen to on the radio will keep them dancing at the Turnverein longer.

Will "The Underground" be a regular thing?

We don't know yet! Like everything in life, it's worth testing.  If it's well received, it could become a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly option for members at the Sunday dance.

Is this FREE like Jonathan's Late Night?

For the time being, the pricing will be the same member ($5)/non-member ($10) rate you'd pay on a non late night. The difference is, you'll have the option of music that night in two different ballrooms.

Who's DJing?

For Feb 9th, LaWanna will be DJing downstairs the first 90 minutes and Don will DJ upstairs. For the remainder of the dance, LaWanna will be DJing.

Will you be having "The Underground" & "Jonathan's Late Night" on the SAME night?

For the test run, no. If there is enough demand, it's possible we might combine them in the future.

What does the RMSDC board think of this idea?

They love it and they're excited to try it out. Like anything, it's worth testing!

Final Thoughts

I'm really excited to see how this all plays out! Hopefully we can get more people out dancing at the Turnverein on Sundays! If you have any thoughts or questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me here.

Jonathan Prichard