WCS Dancing in Colorado in the Age of Covid

Let's face it. When it comes to Covid and dancing, it's a weird time right now.

We all have different opinions and comfort preferences around masks, vaccines, rotating partners, brushing your teeth, bathing, Chick-Filet vs Popeyes, etc. 

We're all different!  The good news is, there's something for everyone right now.

Here's an up to date list of all the Colorado WCS events and weekly dances running right now along with vaccine and mask requirements:

Must be 100% Vaccinated + 2 Weeks Post Final Shot : Mask Optional

Featured Event

  • The "5G" Dance in Littleton
    Colorado Dancesport
    5120 S Lowell Blvd, Littleton, CO 80123

    Saturday July 10 & 24th
    7pm Lesson & Dancing 8-1230am
  • What: Just like the name sounds, you must have the "5G" in order to attend (ie must be 100% vaccinated + 2 Weeks).  Masks optional.  The last dance we had over 70 fully vaccinated dancers attend!  BYOB and bring your own food (please clean up).  Free parking.
    DJ LaWanna and organized by Jonathan Prichard
      $10 for the dance & $5 for the class.
    How:  You can pre-register online and save time at the door or you can register when you arrive.  You must be comfortable submitting proof you've been vaccinated (ie your vaccine card or a photo of your card).

    Note: At the moment, those with Covid antibodies but unvaccinated are not eligible to attend but that may change for future 5G dances.



  • Thursday WCS at the Avalon in Boulder
    Where: The Avalon 6185 Arapahoe Rd. in Boulder
    When: Every Thursday.  
    7:30pm 2 levels of WC Swing workshops.  8:30-11pm Dancing
  • What:  WCS classes and dance (must be fully vaccinated)
  • Cost: $10 cover | $2 student discount.  Free parking.
  • Who:  DanceLaughLove.com
  • Covid Policy:  COVID POLICY FOR AVALON: In order to comply with the CDC and Boulder County’s recommendations as well as The Avalon COVID-19 policy, until further notice, this event will be hosted for fully vaccinated COVID-19 guests ONLY, to allow for safe and enjoyable dancing without masks. There will be no exceptions!  Please be prepared to present your vaccination card (or photo of) and a matching photo ID upon entrance.  In addition, please bring your mask with you as it is required to wear a mask in all common areas outside of The Avalon Ballroom and Sodal Hall dance floors (entrance, hallways, restrooms, etc).


See the featured "5G WCS Dance" mentioned at the top of this page.


  • RMSDC Weekly Sunday Dance in Denver
    Denver Turnverein, 1570 N Clarkson St, Denver, CO 80218
    Every Sunday beginning on June 6th 2021
    What: The Turnverein Board is requiring all dances held at the venue to be 100% vaccinated + 2 Weeks until at least 7/31.  Masks optional.   This dance runs from 630-930pm except on Jonathan's Late Night (TBD) which runs until 1130pm. There will be a beginner and intermediate class at 530pm (no bridge class).  The kick off dance on 6/6, which was also a Jonathan's Late Night, had almost 100 fully vaccinated dancers in attendance.
    Rocky Mountain Swing Dance of Colorado,
    How: Pay at the door.

Vaccine Optional + Mask Optional


  • Terra's Thursday WCS in Denver/Englewood
    Omni Ballroom, 3800 S Jason St, Englewood, CO 80110
    Thursdays.  8-1130pm Social Dance
    Terra Summers is organizing
    $8 dance
     Purchase at the door 

  • Devin Raymond's 2nd and 4th Thursday in CO Springs
     International dance club, 2422 Busch avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80904
    2nd and 4th Thursdays.  7pm lesson (45 min) & dancing till 11pm.
    Devin Raymond
    $15 for dance and the class or just $10 for the dance.
    Purchase at the door 


  • Omni "Friday Swing Party in Denver/Englewood
    Omni Ballroom, 3800 S Jason St, Englewood, CO 80110
    When: Every Friday Night.  7pm beg/int lesson.  8pm social dance.
    Who:  Terra Summers and Lindsey Dechant are organizing
    Cost:  Lesson and dance is $15 and dance only is $5. 
    How: Pay at the door. 

  • Friday's FC Swing in Fort Collins
    Genesis-Fort Collins' Club, 1307 E Prospect Rd, Ft Collins, CO 80525
    When: Friday nights.  7-8pm lesson, 8-10pm dance.
    Who:  Run by Laura Koch and Jim Baker
    Cost: $5/person club members and $10/non-members. 
    How: Pay at the door.


  • Freedom Dance
    Zenergy Dancesport, 6830 Broadway, Denver, CO 80221
    When: Every 3rd Saturday.  7pm lesson, 8-11pm dance.
    Who:  Steve Felderman & Ashley Melville
    Cost: $5 lesson and $5 for the dance.
    How: Pay at the door.  Website:  zenergydance.com


I've been told Farrell is running a dance in Denver and I've reached out to him to get more details.  As I hear back, I'll get this updated.

Vaccine Optional + Mask Required

When Colorado State and most of the counties dropped their mask mandate on 5/16, all of the dances in this category moved to vaccine optional + mask optional.  If there are new dances that fall under this category in the future, I'll post them here.

Currently on Pause/Hiatus During Covid until further notice:

  • Denver Westies: Wednesday Dance at the Mercury Cafe
  • Jim Sisneros Colorado Springs Dance
  • SwingTime (on hiatus until 2022)
  • 5280 (might be running in 2021.  Haider and Aly are exploring options)

If you know of a public WCS social dance that isn't on this list, please fill out the contact form on this site and let me know!

We all miss dancing with each other. It kind of "is what it is" and we hope we can all dance together under one roof some time in the near future

Miss you all,