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Who Else Wants to Take Workshops From The Best WCS Couple in the World?  

I know...that's a pretty bold statement.  Between the two of them, Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake have more Jack and Jill 1st place wins and accumulated Champion points than any other pros in the world (yes...they even beat out J&T).  

They're also 5-time NASDE Champions and have 11 US Opens Wins.  In fact, they're the only couple in history to win at the US Open in both the Classic and Showcase divisions.

Not only are they incredible performers & competitors, they're also one of the most sought after teaching couples in WCS. Kyle and Sarah are best known for their ability to teach their innovative style while preserving the fundamental roots of West Coast Swing.  

They're the pros, who teach the pros. It's not unusual to see other champion dancers attending their packed classes at events all over the world.  

Well guess what?!

On April 27 & 28th, 11 time US Open Champions Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake are coming to Denver!

Fill your WCS toolbox with 5 hours of brand new concept focused workshops!

Here are some of the things you're gonna get:

  • How to Create Conversation within Musicality
  • Patterns & Styling That Benefit The Partnership
  • The Secrets to Texturing Your WCS
  • Creative Ways to Use Whips & 8 Count Rhythm
  • How to Have a Steadfast Foundation for an Ever Changing Dance.
  • Ability to do a video recap after each workshop
  • Pizza on Sunday...provided by Jonathan.  ;-)

Sounds amazing, right?!  

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100 Weekend Passes Available

What's it cost?  We like to reward people who buy their pass early 

  • $49 for the first 20 weekend passes
  • $59 for the next 20 weekend passes
  • $69 for the next 20 weekend passes
  • $79 for the next 20 weekend passes
  • $89 for the final 20 weekend passes

    Note:  If you're only able to attend a few of the workshops, you can purchase individual workshop tickets at the door for $20 each.

100 Attendance Cap

When Ben Morris came out in 2017, we sold out.  When Doug Silton came out in Feb of 2018, we sold out.  When Ben Morris came out again this past fall, we over sold and the ballroom felt really packed.

For that weekend, we had a cap of 80 attendees. 

When we hit that number 1 week before the workshop weekend, I had a flood of emails and pm's from people asking if I would release more passes. 

We decided to open registration back up and in the end, we had a little over 120 attendees.

Now that's great that we had so much interest but we got complaints again (like the year before) that it was just too many people.

To discourage that, we are only offering 100 weekend passes. 

Once those are sold, we will only offer individual workshop passses at the door based on space in the ballroom. 

In other words, if anybody "no shows" for a workshop and we have space, we'll let you in.  Otherwise, you're out of luck.

Don’t be a “shoulda-coulda-woulda”, click here to claim your spot right now.  

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What level are these workshops?
While we wouldn’t recommend them for baby newcomers, if you are comfortable doing your 6 & 8 count basics (sugar push, L/R side pass, tuck, whip, reverse whip), you’ll be fine.  In fact, we had both Novice level and All-Star (Hi Viko, Allison, Maria, Terra, Michael, and Chelsea!) level dancers attending the workshops and dancers from both levels said they got a lot out of attending last year.

The Schedule

Hey Jonathan!  What are the exact details like time and address?

Excellent question!

The complete schedule can be found here but here’s the quick summary:

Saturday 4/27
Colorado Dancesport
5120 S Lowell Blvd,
Littleton, CO 80123   


7-8 pm
Kyle's Style & Sarah's Sass: Conversation within Musicality

Social Dancing with DJ MaryKelley & Felderman 
[Note: dance is not included in the weekend pass price!  Cost is $7 at the door]


Sunday 4/28
Denver Turnverein
1570 N Clarkson St,
Denver, CO 80218

130-230 pm 
WCS the Next Level Texturing Your WCS

230-330 pm
Style Vs Technique: How to have a steadfast foundation for an ever changing dance.

330-430 pm
Whip It Good: 
Creative Ways to Use Whips & 8 Count Rhythm in Your WCS

430-530 pm

Eat pizza (provided by Jonathan), practice, or social dance!

530-630 pm 
RMSDC Patterns & Styling That Benefits The Partnership (Separately Ticketed $5 members/$8 non-members.  Pay @ the door.)

Well...what are you waiting for?  Go claim your spot before someone else does!

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